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Originally Posted by CHAPINM1 View Post
Before reading take note that I'm not getting into the whole Chicago VS NYC nonsense, I'm talking about how this building compares to another building in another city. I personally look at this building as Chicago's John Hancock of NYC! They are the first major mixed use projects for each city. This will also be one of NYC's highest ablove ground pools to be in a highrise as the pool in the JHC is on the 44th floor and is the highest in Chicago. We know that both buildings are over 1,000 feet, but they may both be around the same height. Also, as of now this building will have a major impact on the NYC skyline as JHC did when constructed in Chicago and still does! Either way, both buildings are pioneers for their city. It makes me that much happier that this one is aready in preperation!!!
To compare any up-coming building to the John Hancock Center in Chicago is an honor for both the building and the city in which it's being constructed. I appreciate that comment.
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