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Originally Posted by lawfin View Post
I wonder if you could do Chicago lakefront...especially its North lake front from Loop to Rogers Park.

I am surprised the NYC is as high as it is weighted; most of the other cities fall a little above or below roughly double their std density. NYC is 2.5 or so
Can you draw the area you want to include? Mostly so that I know how far West you want me to go.
Originally Posted by dave8721 View Post
I did Miami and it came out pretty unusual compared to all the others. It has much more of a flat density rather than huge peaks and valleys. For example only 32% of the population lived at densities above 15,000 ppsm but 73% lived above 10,000. The weighted density came out to about 12,450 ppsm which is almost exactly the actual density (simple population / area). I guess this means the density curve was rather flat with a ton of people living at around 12,000 ppsm but fewer living in densities higher or lower.

**I would have loved to have seen Miami's numbers in 2012 or even 2011 as opposed to 2010. There was a huge increase in the ultra high densities in just a years time after the census was taken (downtown condo's filled up).
So that was Miami proper for 2010, not including Miami Beach and what not? And is 12,450 ppsm rounded or exact? Mississauga's weighted density is much higher than the gross/standard density, even though most people live at around the same densities (except a few condos in the central part), however, Mississauga includes a huge amount of land around the airport where no-one lives.

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