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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
The Bronx actually feels far denser than Brooklyn. Most of the Bronx feels more like Manhattan than Brooklyn. Fewer skyscapers than Manhattan, of course, but the street level feel is almost indistinguishable, especially in the West Bronx.

Yes, Brooklyn and the Bronx have about the same density (residents per square mile), but the Bronx has a far lower % of land dedicated to housing (Bronx is 35% parkland and has far more space dedicated to industry and roadways than Brooklyn).

IMO, weighted density is a better comparison than strict density, because you really get to comparative differences in urban form.
There is also a lot of single family housing in the Bronx too. It has the dense areas that developed as psuedo extensions of Manhattan and then you have the post-war single family developments that resemble outer Queens or southern Westchester (I suspect it was an attempt to stem the losses of families to suburbanization). Brooklyn is more evenly developed with multi-unit housing, but relatively few high rises, so the density isn't as high as Manhattan (but still far above any other large American city).
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