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Originally Posted by EastSideHBG
Yeah, I know the President of the PBC. She is a really determined lady and PennDOT just kicked in $34K+ for a study on the bridge thanks to her hard work, so I think it will get done. And if Wormtown gets the Bridgeport complex rolling, it will be sure to get done then IMO. I sure hope so, because it is a terrible eyesore now. Plus, how many people (like myself) would be using the western span of the bridge when we are down there? The last study the PBC did said it was something like a $1 to $1.50 ratio. For every $1 spent on the bridge, $1.50 is given back to the merchants via people using the bridge. I could easily believe that...
yes i could believe that as well. i remember walking across that bridge quite a lot when i was younger, as did many others i'm sure. it's an historic icon for the city and nation, and it deserves to be rebuilt. it will definately provide an economic boast to west shore and city island and i'm sure the bridgeport project will add to that as well. HATS has it ranked #4 on the 12 tip plan so hopefully it will recieve funding soon and construction will be underway in next couple years.
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