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Originally Posted by natiboy View Post
^Glad you like it!

There were a lot of mixed feelings about it here in Cincinnati, but I think people are finally starting to warm up to it. I love the way it is lit. You can see it from over 20 miles away in some places.
I think the little touches that have been added over time to the tower since it topped out have added a lot to it.

About the tower at The Banks. Don't you think a 30 story tower will be too high there? 15 stories sounds decent, but anything else would ruin the view of the actual start of the CBD. I think the new riverfront park and Banks will be a nice step-up to the skyline itself, a nice "front yard" so to speak. Plus, with all the businesses moving downtown and Cincy's huge fortune 500 corporate footprint, a 30 story tower would look great at the highly popular 5th and race spot (that's the right spot, right?).

Anyway, hope you don't mind if I add to your thread...

Looks like the already popular Banks is bringing back the Bengals:
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