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Eastgate in Hamilton/Stoney Creek is still alive and doing ok, probably because it's the only large mall in the lower east end of the city outside of the big box centres. It has a bunch of cheap clothing and mobile phone stores, but a variety of other stuff too. But it's had to deal with a number of anchor store changes and closures.

First was Woolco becoming a Zellers, then a Walmart which closed when a larger one opened down the road; now that space is configured as a mall wing with a Sportchek, Winners and a few other stores. There's a large Fortinos grocery store roughly where Eatons used to be. HomeSense is where the small Loblaws was. Robinsons became a Bay, then a Sears, and now sits empty... I bet they'll make it mall space.

It's also got a beer store and LCBO on the property, and a Jack Astors and Sunset Grill attached but not connected to the mall itself. If the LRT gets built, the eastern terminal station will be at Eastgate; it already has a transit terminal that serves as the end/transfer point for the B-Line express bus and other connecting routes. There is a long term vision for residential on site too as part of the redevelopment of the major arterial corridors adjacent to the mall.

We'll see how it all goes, but I think it will survive, probably with more change.
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