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Downtown Salt Lake City -

Giving a dated tower a new lease-on-life - Recently Completed

High demand for Class A office space in downtown Salt Lake City has led to the renovation and upgrading of much of Salt Lake City's older office stock. Some of these buildings were great beauties of the early 1900's, and some were of that dated 60's look. The great classics have held their appeal and have simply needed to update their interior amenities. For many of those Towers built during the 60's, there has been a complete retooling of the outer skin in addition to gutting and upgrading their interiors. This particular building was located at the very heart and core of the city, and surrounded by a current multi-billion dollar construction project.

In this older pic of North Downtown, the old Zions Bank Tower is seen on the far right


New look rendering

looking toward Northwest Corner from Temple Square

jacobsen construction

looking toward Southwest angle from Main Street

Using a combination of masonry, precast, curtain wall and glazing to replace the existing exterior skin, Jacobsen completed the construction of this 21-story office building while a majority of the building was still occupied. Two main streets on the north and west sides of the building also remained open.

Photo's by Arkhitektor
To the left, peaking out from behind the JSM building

by Arkhitektor

South Temple Facade

by Arkhitektor

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