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Originally Posted by DAVEinEDMONTON View Post
Seriously...yes and was half in jest my friend...but you cannot discount the competative nature of the airports across this country. For example, do you think that Toronto does not strategically think that it will retain its reign as the hub for the majority of international flights and act as the major international hub to all western Canadian passengers and eastern Canadian passengers outside of Montreal through Pearson International? How do you think they would they get that 42,000,000 passenger target in 5 years, a 33% increase? Montreal has a nice modest growth rate. It doesn't look like they are competing with Toronto. However, I suspect Toronto is counting on flights consolidating through Pearson to the detriment of Ottawa, Montreal and other major centers. There is only so many airline passengers out there and direct flights, for example, out of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg only serve to diminish Toronto's hub status. They built that big airport and they now have to make sure it gets used to pay off the billions in debt.

When I look at the passenger growth stats for all the airports it seems obvious that there are potentially different strategic growth plans for all airports in would interesting to find out exactly how some of the airports with huge growth targets plan to achieve their passenger growth targets.
Speaking of Toronto's Airport, Hamilton is getting more overseas flights now too. It's advertising itself as a discount airport or something to that effect.
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