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Originally Posted by Martin Mtl View Post
I think that the low count of visible minorities or immigrants in general in Quebec City, compare to other Canadian cities, is very much explained by the fact that it is 100% french. You have to be fluent in french if you want to live there, let alone work there. There are far more immigrants that readily speak english than french.

Why would an Asian or an Indonesian want to to go to one of the most wintery city on the continent, pretty much isolated, and where you have to be able to speak or learn french?

Vancouver or Toronto, where you only have to speak english, is such an obvious, easier, natural choice. Even coming to Montreal is not as easy, because you pretty much have to learn TWO langages to get a decent work. Langage explains in large parts why there are more immigrants going to the ROC rather than here or in Quebec City.

This is one reason why the efforts of the province to encourage french-speaking immigration makes sense and as a result we'll be seeing more and more immigrants from Arab countries here. It's a big wave and we have to adjust to it, just like BC had to adjust to the asian immigration at some point, I suppose.

Also, immigration from France is booming in the province, but that doesn't add much to the visible minority stats, most of France's immigrants being caucasian.
And that's why focusing on francophone immigration isn't just about linguistic purity, it's about Montreal, Quebec and also Canada capitalizing on a strategic advantage that few other countries have and attracting even more good people. There is far less competition for French-oriented immigrants and the francophone population is increasing rapidly in many parts of the world, and education levels there are high or on the rise.
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