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Originally Posted by Chicago103 View Post
One is that the observation deck wont be the highest in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center still will, in fact some stats I have read states that it will even be a few feet lower than the skypod of the CN Tower in Toronto. Thats kind of a bummer if someone like me travels half way across the world and I cant even say that I went higher than I can go on my own continent. Sure it will be higher than the Willis (Sears) Tower observation deck but thats an old standard now.
I guess it's pretty obvious why they put it that 'low'. Like all other famous buildings its observation deck will attract thousands of visitors each day and in order to accomodate that many people you need an observation deck with a certain floor size. And while f.e. the Taipei 101 or the Sears Tower still have huge floors even at the top, the upper third or even upper 40% of the Burj Dubai are just too small for an observation deck.

But maybe they will open a smaller additional observation deck further up which you can only access if you buy a special ticket that costs extra money.
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