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Originally Posted by Chadillaccc View Post
The East Village will be a great neighbourhood, stop it with the fat girl syndrome comparing everything in Calgary to Edmonton, blaming Calgary for why Edmonton isn't noticed, and whatever else has been complained about since the second edition of this thread started. It's not Calgary's fault that Edmonton doesn't promote itself as much as Calgary does.
Oh for fucks sake, we're merely discussing things here, but none of us bashed Calgary in the process, we simply stated things as they are and the fact that yes, Calgary does receive more attention than Edmonton. I don't recall saying here or in any other thread that it was Calgary's fault, but definitely Calgary's boisterous attitude (which we could use more of up here) plays a factor in things because the two cities are pretty similar and directly and indirectly influence each other.

Don't get your panties in a knot every time someone says something that could be construed (but isn't really) as negative towards Calgary. I like the city, but it isn't perfect, and I'm willing to point that out, but I'm not bashing Calgary. I also know Edmonton isn't perfect either and have pointed it out over the years. Don't assume that just because we may disagree with you on something related to Calgary, we don't know what we're talking about. Like it or not, some of us have been observing these things for longer than you have and have just as valid opinions on the Edmonton-Calgary dichotomy.

Did you even read the last page in a half? I never said the East Village wasn't going to be an excellent neighbourhood. If things go as planned, I think it most certainly will be. Go back. I compared it to the Pearl District, a successfully gentrified neighbourhood, I also remarked about how I liked the river walk and public restroom design. So what, because I merely corrected you in saying that the Glenbow and Art Gallery of Calgary aren't apart of the East Village before you corrected yourself, though still agreed that they will be important amenities for new arrivals to the area, as well as existing, you think I think the East Village is going to turn into a shithole?


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