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Originally Posted by oak-sea View Post
Thank you so much. Between Berkeley and Oakland is pretty much where I grew up, so all this brigs back so many memories, especially the pic of the bi-plane on a pile. Some of my earliest memories are as a kid in the back seat driving to SF on the East Shore freeway and seeing the bi-planes. PS- Emeryville is the reason Berkeley's retail life has died lately.
Yes, great shots, making Berkeley look better than reality IMHO.

But I have to disagree about why Berkeley's retail life is sick, if not dead. Emeryville is a regular California place--clean, neat, new and welcoming to all sorts of retail including chains and bog box stores. Berkeley, by contrast, persists in its "progressive" way in allowing street people, druggies and rootless kids to make the sidewalks an unpleasant experience for "regular folks" who might want to shop there. They drove away Cody's and so much more. Berkeley is a wealthy town and ought to have thriving high end retail, but when people are given the choice of shopping in downtown Berkeley where they will have to step over intoxicated people lying on the sidewalk, dodge skateboarders and be endlessly panhandled vs the short drive to Emeryville where none of that is tolerated and they can find plenty of retailers Berkeley wouldn't allow to move in anyway (because they are big box or national chains), they drive to Emeryville.
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