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You really got around! And you took a picture of my dorm! I really love the Berkeley campus. Its one of the most naturally stunning campuses in the country with the bay views and hills. I'm going to do a photo thread showcasing the campus sometime in the spring, hopefully I can do half as good as you did. While BTinSF is right about Shattuck Avenue being somewhat depressed...major plans are in the works. Businesses on Telegraph seem to be doing fine..and though there are some homeless people it really doesn't bother me, but maybe it would bother the rich housewives that shop in Emeryville which is too sterile and platonic IMO. Emeryville could be any new moderately dense shopping center in the country. Also next time you should go down College Avenue....Berkeley's ritzy shopping corridor, its very nice and very different from Shattuck.

Also Berkeley is getting tougher on "street behavior" according to an SF article I read recently.

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