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Originally Posted by peanut gallery View Post
Great stuff, stepper! Did you take any pix up in Tilden or the Rose Garden?

Regarding retail in Berkeley: don't forget about 4th Street, which is doing fine.
No I have been meaning to go there for so long, but, never manage to have to time. So many things to do, so little time...and all that.

I am by no means any sort of expert on the retail scenes in Berkeley and Emeryville, but, I really don't think they compete with each other. The main retail area in Emeryville is primarily chains and, though attractive, does have a bit of the new, sterile vibe to it. But, it does serve its purpose for people who like to shop (or eat) at those places. A lot of people I work with who live in Oakland always go to Emeryville for shopping (and movies) because a lot of those businesses won't locate into Oakland proper.

Berkeley, on the otherhand, I think appeals more to local residents, students, or people who want to eat at a great, local restaurant. And, though you might not see them in my pictures (because I don't usually like taking pictures of people), I was all around downtown on a Tuesday evening (while a friend was teaching a class) and there were PLENTY of people walking around going here and there. So, "dead" is not a word I would to describe Berkeley's downtown.
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