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I hear you about Brisbane

[QUOTE=San Frangelino;3025129]Here are some information on developments for "the Peninsula."

But all considered I don't know if we can expect much more. I see South City densifying so that is hopeful that they will move forward from surface lots at least. I hope they at least orient themselves to the Caltrain station (though its a ways away-is this the future TOD they are talking about or some sort of bus system???)

if they need the big box stuff and the automall to help pay for redevelopment so be it (though they are lacking in vision it seems to me) but at least I hope they consider that if they want the future workers to take the train and patronize their little strip mall/downtown without driving they need to make the environment accommodating (though this is some distance from the existing Caltrain stop I think)

When I worked at Oyster point the most frustrating thing (other than public transit) was the lack of anywhere to eat (save for the corporate cafe) or walk to. I would take a shuttle to work from Bart and then I was literally stuck
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