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Originally Posted by electricron View Post
Thanks for posting the link to Section C. The only problem I have with it is that the drawings show every track, including light rail tracks, will remain at grade. I think I have proven with the DART Green Line photos earlier that light rail tracks don't have to remain at grade, that light rail tracks can be built above commuter rail tracks. I strongly suggest it is physically possible to place 6 tracks in a 50 feet corridor, 3 tracks at grade and 3 tracks above or below grade. I'll admit building tracks above or below grade isn't cheap, but it isn't impossible either. I'll also admit having 6 tracks in that corridor isn't needed.
As mentioned above, for the narrow section between Morrow and Ohlen, it is not appropriate to have the elevated railway because the track is surrounded by residential homes on either side. The opposition would be too great.

I should also mention that the neighborhoods through this section (Crestview and Wooten) are also going crazy about the possibility that Trails with Rails might not hit our area. There was a recent petition drive on the Crestview NA listserv to demand Trails with Rails in the face of the Cap Metro budget crunch. Yours truly posted that she'd rather cut Trails with Rails than face service cuts. This was not a popular response.
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