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Looking at the drawings carefully, CapMetro expects 15 feet separation between track centerlines, and 10 feet separation for other obstacles from track centerlines. Trails have a minimum of 25 feet clearance from track centerlines in 50 feet wide corridor, and 35 feet clearances from track centerline in 100 feet corridor. In 50 feet wide corridor, no bike/hike trails are built in the existing right-of-way, they're all built in bordering easements or along parallel streets.
Which should tell you that there's no room for 3 tracks, one of which might be freight, in that corridor.

Again, people, in the modern world, you don't try to and won't get approval to operate 3 tracks in the middle of a residential area with 2 of them carrying passengers and one carrying freight.

Likewise with SAM's comments - yes, it's theoretically possible to run the vehicles on the same track. In the real world, in this day and age, you don't and won't. The stations alone present a nearly insurmountable obstacle. The ONLY way you'd get service on the Red Line ROW with urban rail vehicles, in my opinion (which you should listen to, since unlike these guys, I don't make pie-in-the-sky predictions that turn out to be wrong; but actually real-world judgements that have proven to be right), is to eliminate the existing commuter rail platforms and vehicles from the equation - which would basically mean going back to the 2000 LRT plan, except with the city's vehicles.

And even that is damn unlikely.
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