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Whenever I'm snooping around on google-earth...if I notice what looks like, a recently excavated lot I zoom down for a closer look. -to see what used to be there.


Much to my surprise, this lot has been vacant for as far back as the earliest street views.

2007 - 2017

(although there is a segment of a river rock wall)

But the real story, as it turns out, is the house next to the empty lot. (facing Lake Avenue)


The one that's nestled between a Tattoo Parlor and Avis/Budget Rent A Car.


The house was known, a long time ago, as 'Ah-Tshi-Quah-Nah'.

avenue to the sky

The bungalow was the home of nature writer Charles Francis Saunders, and was, along with its gardens, a major tourist attraction in Pasadena during the great hiking era
which existed from the early 1900's through the early 1930's.

This view shows the house during the time Mr. Saunders was in residence. (he moved there in 1906)

bungalows of pasadena

one of Mr. Saunders publications.

gloria freshly art and design (this reminded me of your books odinthor)

gloria freshly art and design

And here's where the story connects with that empty lot behind the house.

bungalows of pasadena

"Charles Saunders and his first wife, Elisabeth (died 1910), both avid gardeners, are seen having tea under their backyard arbor.
The creek and the lagoon in the background were later channelized."

"The creek and the lagoon in the background were later channelized."

Wow! of course I revisited the empty lot. this time I noticed an open 'ditch' nearby. (a remnant of the creek?)


Here I'm guessing where the stream once flowed through the Saunders' property.


but I have no idea how large the 'lagoon' was.


the stream was known as Wilson's Creek.

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