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Originally Posted by freeweed View Post
165s? Short?? Wow. I'm your height and I've been skiing on 145 parabolics lately (ski shops usually suggest a 155). The control you have on modern parabolics (as someone else pointed out) is insane, and wearing a slightly shorter ski - pure heaven.

I avoided skiing for many years due to my memories of how terrible I was on the old style of alpine ski. After someone first stapped a pair of parabolics on me, it feels like I've been doing this since I was 5!
The last time I went skiing (late February) I rented a pair of 145s (I'm 178cm/5' 11") and I absolutely loved them. I owned a pair of 185s that were parabolic, but the difference in maneuverability with the shorties was amazing. I could ski terrain that I'd never be able to do with my longer skis - I even skiied some of the far stuff on Goats Eye! If I ever move back to Canada permanently, I will buy a pair of 145s without any doubt.
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