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Pretty nice of these guys!!!

Members of blink-182 lend a hand as painters of the state

The Patriot-News
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Of The Patriot-News

Mention the band blink-182 and jokey music videos done in the nude, tattoos, body piercings and catchy pop punk are what come to mind.

Community service probably is not on the list.

But there the California trio -- known for albums such as 1999's "Enema Of The State" -- was yesterday afternoon "helping" paint a nearly completed Habitat for Humanity house on 13th Street in Harrisburg.

While drummer Travis Barker sat in a folding chair eating a burrito -- he's on crutches and wearing a cast after foot surgery -- guitarist Tom DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus got to work with the white paint.

It was DeLonge's first-ever painting project. He was using the "Karate Kid" as the inspiration for his brush strokes.

"I usually paint unicorns and leprechauns," he said. "That's not needed here, but it's always an option."

Even though Hoppus is an experienced painter, after working on his home in San Diego, he had to put his brush down to talk.

"I'm not that good," he said. This program "is awesome, really cool. We're stoked to be a part of it."

The band was in the area for a show at the Star Pavilion in Hershey last night.

Its home improvement trip was the first for "Raise The Roof," a partnership between Clear Channel Entertainment and Habitat for Humanity.

Clear Channel is the promoter for the summer concert series at Hersheypark Stadium and the Star Pavilion.

Habitat for Humanity provides homes for people in need using volunteers to keep mortgage payments low.

Homeowners are required to invest 350 hours of "sweat equity" working in Habitat for Humanity's local office or on their own or other Habitat homes.

Kimberly Bowron, Clear Channel's vice-president of corporate culture and philanthropy, said five artists will work on homes through "Raise The Roof" on cross-country tours this summer.

What made this house unique -- besides blink-182's visit -- is that WHP-TV 21, Lowe's, Clear Channel Broadcasting (WHP's owner) and Habitat joined forces to build it in 21 days.

The foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing and electrical work have been done since May 7. The house will be turned over to its owner, Veronica Rice, tomorrow.

John Neumann, Habitat's construction manager, said this type of project would normally take three to six months.

But, with two crews of contractors and volunteers working nearly nonstop, Rice and her son Derrick will get the keys to their home three weeks after the project started.

"It's overwhelming," Rice said. "It's been a really humbling experience."

After painting four doors (as well as being mildly scolded for getting paint on the hinges), posing for pictures with Rice and the volunteers who worked on the house, the members of blink-182 were gone about 40 minutes after arriving.

Barker had a doctor's appointment to change his cast and there was a show to prepare for last night.

It was a short but apparently moving visit.

"It's cool to do something for people," DeLonge said. "We usually tear down the good things people instill in their children."
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