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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
I don't think the conservatism of the interior can simply be attributed to "Albertans."
No, not totally of course. But there is definitely a conservative influence in the interior and a large part of that comes from the number of Albertans living there, and there are quite a lot of them

And even so, how are they deferring to "conservative Albertan values" by supporting a party always led by Vancouverites?
I assume you're talking about provincial politics.. in BC the Liberal party is essentially a PC party in many ways. the only conservative party in BC is way out on the fringes.

Of course Wilkinson hasn't been tested yet, so it's hard to know how Thurston Howell III plays with the electorate.

Christy Clark had the most "populist" appeal of the three most leaders of the BC Liberals (though she seemed more driven by narcissism than any ideology) - even having to run in the Okanagan to get a seat when was Premier.
We'll see, I think eventually.. maybe sooner rather than later the Liberals will regain power, but so far the coalition has beat many of the skeptic's predictions. I don't really see Clark as being populist. She's the main reason the liberals lost the last election
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