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Originally Posted by ivanwolf View Post
Same project, look at he lower right and you can tell that building is the U of the Super 8 with the stand alone building in their parking lot. So that render is of the south east of 12th.
I agree. Isn't there some sort of strip center there now? I'm thinking it's where that old Safeway used to be.

Here's more

The project's name on the City's website is One Two East, but if you look at the pdf attachment, it's listed as Huston Heights.

On one page, it says number of proposed units is 392. Further down it says that under the current zoning this is what's allowed:

Highrise Apartments - 288 units
Senior Adult Housing - attached - 222 units
Supermarket - 70,000 sq ft

Under the proposed zoning change this is what they're asking for:

Highrise Apartments - 363 units
Senior Adult Housing - attached - 297 units
Supermarket - 70,000 sq ft

On tract 1 & 2 they are asking for a height increase from 150 ft to 200 ft. and an increase in FAR from 3.75:1 FAR to 5:1 FAR.

The rezoning was supposed to go before the City Council June 11 (Item 27) but the applicant has requested an indefinite postponement.
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