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Originally Posted by Hill Country View Post
Since the Austin City Centre rendering is from February I would say Huston Heights is the new name if that was being used in April through June.
I wonder if Huston Heights was used in some of the earlier paperwork and on the emerging projects site because of the area where it's located? I think that area of town was formerly referred to as the Sam Huston Heights Annex. On the permits page, it shows the project name as One Two East.

Of the three names I've seen so far (Austin City Centre, One Two East, and Huston Heights) Huston Heights is the least trendy of the three. It just doesn't sound "uppity" enough for the new trendy Austin.

BTW, I hate small, blurry, washed-out renderings, so I made it bigger, sharper and put just a little more color into it.

The building on the left with the orange-ish accents reminds me of University House and the one on the right reminds me of 7 Rio.

People complain about "cookie cutter" towers, but I don't mind them if the other towers are in other cities. But cookie cutter towers in the same city? I don't like them. I hope they're just placeholders and the actual buildings planned for this project look a little different from other projects Rhode Partners has designed.
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