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Originally Posted by photolitherland View Post
I walked through that neighborhood when I was there and I was wondering why the buildings had those wide grass lawns in between them. It made it feel not so urban, I hope someday they fill those spaced in between the buildings with a street or something.
Yeah, the Deep Deuce Apartments were the first downtown residential project in decades, and at the time they built them (99-00) no one really understood the demand for urban downtown living was so high. So the result was about 300 units spread over four blocks of land. Now, the density on average projects in Deep Deuce/Maywood is much more like 200-250 per block with commercial space and structured parking included.

The grass lawns within Deep Deuce aren't totally bad though, they provide nice community areas (especially dog walking) and shortcuts for pedestrians. When you consider what the neighborhood looked like in the late 90s, it is a really incredible transformation so far with about 14 blocks experiencing redevelopment (including more than 800 residential units). Reportedly there are several more projects about to be announced in this district. In the next five years, it will likely be a solid mass of 3- to 8-story structures.
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