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Yeah, for Devon Tower check the thread in the highrise construction section. Here is a photo for good measure (Courtesy City of OKC)

New design for an 11-story hotel in Bricktown, which will be next to an existing 10-story hotel, creating kind of a canyon effect on the north side of the neighborhood.

Also, proposals are starting to surface from hotel developers/operators for headquarters hotels for our upcoming $280 million convention center development. The first is from the nicest hotel in town, the Skirvin. They would like to build a new 22-story, 425-room expansion tower, demolish one of the largest (ugliest) parking garages in downtown, and build a new skybridge connecting the convention center to their hotel.

Transparent cube is Chase Tower. Skirvin expansion tower is drawn to the left of the frame, extending out of the frame. Follow the skybridge across the street and elevated rail tracks and you see the large convention center, built on the site of a surface parking lot.

One of downtown's grandest streets, Park Avenue, currently terminates with a parking garage. This proposal would replace it with a grand entry and new office space.

There are some problems with this proposal, since it interferes with plans for high speed, regional, and commuter rail tying into the proposed transportation hub. More proposals are expected quite soon.
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