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Sacramento Transportation

If you have passed the 700 Blk of K Street Mall lately you might have noticed all the signs plastered on the boarded up buildings by some group calling themselves SOS (Save Our Station). I went to some of the public meetings on RT's relocation and I support the station relocation for a number of reasons and totally disagree with this group's arguments. I smell a RAT behind all this. I think those buildings in which the signs are located are still in the hands of good ol' Moe Mohanna and I know that he has property on the same block of the proposed light-rail station. He is a sleeze. Anyway, I don't know how the City voted, if they did, but I hope the relocation is on track. The problem (though no one can really say so publically) with the current station is that ever since the opening of the Meadowview Line the 7th/St. Rose station has become a hangout for an intimidating group of loud ghetto and pseudo-ghetto kids. Not exactly the clientele you want to appeal to if you want to gentrify K Street and renovate the block. By relocating the station to a tighter space there will be less room to "hangout" and make trouble. It's not very PC but there it is.

Taken from their site:


The Sacramento City Council is preparing to ote to relocate the 700 block light rail station one block east. The station move is hidden i an otherwise desirable "Beautification" program.

DON’T BE FOOLED! Station relocation and streetscape beautification are two different issues!

Moving the 700 block station will inconvenience riders, block traffic on 9th Street, add unnecessary crowding to the 800 block, and make transfers more difficult.

Even Regional Transit (a fine organization, but one governed by politicians) admits that they “don’t have an operational reason to modify the location of these stations.”


The plan to move the 700 block station emerged sometime in the last year in a top-down planning effort led by city government insiders -- NOT by RT or transit rider interests!

K Street development is already deep in controversy, including lawsuits, city sponsored demolition, developer subsidies and threatened confiscation of private property. There is no need for the City to make the problem worse by insisting on a station move that transit riders and many downtown business owners oppose. DO WHAT IS BEST FOR K STREET!!

Major changes to the Downtown transit system should only be considered as part of comprehensive plan to MAKE TRANSIT WORK BETTER!!

The 700 block is the logical place for passengers to get on and off of light rail. The city should view the 700 block and adjacent Lima Park as the Light Rail Hub of Downtown Sacramento.

If the city really had the best in mind for transit users, the 700 block station would be left in place, and nearby stations would be moved closer to accommodate better transfers and accessibility to the Westfield Plaza Mall!


We can all agree that K Street is in need of beautification. This Tuesday, YOU can help encourage the City Council to go ahead with the beautofication elements of the Streetscape Improvement Plan and leave the light reail stations in place.

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