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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
yea, but worth noting that whites aren't entirely homogeneous either. and i'm not just trying to be pedantic, but in some cities, like Montreal, it's probably worth noting the Anglo minority as a separate minority group.

Montreal is a city that feels a lot more multicultural than the visible minority numbers and aboriginal numbers would suggest.
One could make similar divisions for east Asians, south Asians, MENA nations, latin America, Africans, etc.

From a caucasian pov, they see themselves a minority in Toronto and Vancouver because they see everyone who's non-white as 1 group of people. In reality white people are 4-5 times as prevalent as south Asians, 5-6 times as prevalent as east Asians, 4-5 times as prevalent as Black people, 20 times as prevalent as latin Americans.

Arguing that white people are a minority dismisses the fact that visible minorities aren't one block of people; they are about 5 major groups. If you're going to further divide white along linguistic/cultural lines one has to further divide east Asians along linguistic/cultural lines, south Asians along linguistic/cultural lines, MENA nationalities along linguistic/cultural lines, Africans along linguistic/cultural lines, and latin Americans along linguistic/cultural lines.

Any way you slice it, the number of white people dwarfs that of the next largest block (east Asians).
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