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Originally Posted by rrskylar View Post
Really don't get how the city of Saskatoon has let Lake Placid and now Nasser tie up the city's prime piece of real estate this long (six years), surely someone else must have been interested and something may have already been built on that site.
The only other "something" that might have already been built there, is this.

They're not looking for just something. If we're going to do something spectacular, it has to be done right. That's why they're being so ridiculously lenient. I'm sure there could have been 100's of other rinky dink developments that could have been built there in the mean time. Not interested.

If someone legitimate came along with all their funding in place, I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped Nasser like a bag of dirt. That being said, he seems to be getting his ducks [very slowly] in a row.
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