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Originally Posted by biguc View Post
I hear you. Someday, when I have time and access to a PC I'd like to talk with you more about this subject. But suffice to say, we're all capable of holding racist beliefs without being racists, as surely as we are capable of holding scientific beliefs without being scientists. The spirit of conversation and dialogue that leftists nobly espouse doesn't do a bit of good when they forget that conversation and dialogue--not judgment and denunciation--are the tools that lead us to better understanding.
I'm open to any discussion obviously, but we have to go about using terms carefully. Just because I may be dismissive over the politics surrounding this matter, I won't say my mind is made up and I would also probably sidestep the "holding racist beliefs without being racist" moniker. However, my insensitivity to this centre may ALSO be held by a racist... but for different reasons. His racist, mine not.

At minimum, at the most basic level, we can acknowledge that it's not inconceivable that a non-indigenous person (as they're not all white) might feel that these things are shoved down their throat, and it's not all based out of misconception or hatred. This is not the be-all, end-all, (and there are many argumanets for the Art Centre) but it should not be unreasonable to feel that way without a racism label.

I'm learning more about this every day, but my best friend and best man at my wedding is literally a native social worker and I have also volunteered with native children, so I've been exposed to more than most and get to discuss these things often with knowledgable people. However, while I'm not insensitive, sometimes I say things that are. That I acknowledge easily.
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