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Originally Posted by rrskylar View Post
The medium is rock, whale bone and walrus tusk which white do-gooders (exploiters) taught the Inuit to carve as a means for income in the 1950's, it hardly warrant's a $65M gallery just because WAG had a hard on for the stuff and bought up tons of it when nobody else wanted it!
Honestly, where did you get such ridiculous information? I commend you for putting it forward without any research or thought, very brave and Trumplike of you.

Carving has been present in Inuit and Indigenous cultures for thousands of years. I suggest you try researching the Eskimo museum in Churchill, home to Inuit carvings from bone and tusk and rock, which date back thousands of years.

And just try reading. Period. You might find that it is only a $15 million contribution from the Province and again save yourself some face.
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