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Originally Posted by Wolf13 View Post
The only thing I reduced to that "SJW crap", or intended to, was the insinuation that my perspective and others sharing it stems from thinly veiled white racism.

Like I said in my post, there are many good reasons for this art centre in his post and there were valid points in his argument that I was clearly accepting of.

Then he reduces me with an accusation of racism. That's bullshit. We're on the web and we're anonymous, but attach a name to any of this, put it on twitter and people lose their jobs and get brandished with an attitude that doesn't actually reflect their person. The gravity of the modern application of those accusations are too great for responsible people to label others with them. But you can call me an asshole. Have at it!

Maybe my perspective of the Art centre could be more flexible. Or perhaps I am right for having a cynical response to what can be considered a cyclical process of struggle/political ass-kissing/taxes/success(??). I'm open to changing my perspective with good discussion.

But one does not get to jump up on their white horse and point down accusing "white racism". That's weak and reckless.
To be honest that wasn't even really directed at you. I know so many people who just have this automatic, knee-jerk negative reaction to any first nations issue. They never even need to hear what the issue is about, they've consistently made up their mind and they're against it before they've even heard anything about it. I would call that prejudice or a form of racism because there's usually not much of a reason for the hostile reactions, it just seems to be about opposing and dismissing first nations at any opportunity. Most of the posters on here are more intelligent than that and I loathe the SJW "gotcha" crap just as much as the next guy. It wasn't fair to lump you in with that crowd when your opinion is actually well though-out.

Although in the 2 posts above WestEndWander calls out people for doing just this, where people are just so dismissive of indigenous people that it seems like there is some underlying racism. ie. dismissing rich cultural traditions that go back hundreds of years as "a bunch of rocks"
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