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Originally Posted by wardlow View Post
The mention of the Grove reminded me that they are opening a cafe in the space next door. When I was there a couple of weeks ago it looked like they were doing finishing work, and the server that night said it's coffee, breakfast-y takeout stuff. The interior is definitely in that clean white aesthetic of today's coffee shops.
That's great news, they've been talking about doing that for years.

Originally Posted by wardlow View Post
Also I saw a big sign in the windows of the ground floor unit in that union building on Broadway, saying Capital Grill & Bar is coming soon. Capital currently has a location on Roblin in Charleswood. Great to see this spot finally occupied after being vacant for a couple of years (and was a credit union before that). They'll do great, and have their own sidewalk patio space. Should add a lot to Broadway.
Amazing – I've always hated how such an amazing patio space was wasted on a CU.
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