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Originally Posted by TownGuy View Post
That's neat.

Airdrie's Ontario equalivalent would have to be Milton which grew from 2000 in the 50s to 110,000 currently.

I was curious to see how Miltons downtown looked, I've only ever passed Milton on the 401. You know what it's pretty nice actually!

It's really telling how far our standards have dropped when stretch of downtown built when a place had a few hundred people far eclipses anything built after it.
Wow! Great sidewalks!

Milton is attempting to make the area near the GO Station "a thing" I am not sure how much development has taken off but at my last look on a map not much has been biting. Their GO Station is on the wrong end of Main Street, surrounded by suburban trash big box format. It would be interesting to see what Milton's "downtown" would look like now if the GO Station was more central to its older historic main strip.
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