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Sean Garrity, Winnipeg filmmaker

I'm optimistic that with the rising dollar that offshore production might let off a little here in Winnipeg and business and government will start investing in their own indigenous filmmakers.

On the city side, I'm pretty pessimistic about what Sam Katz is doing at city hall. I think his policies are reactionary and serve his upper middle class constituents in their fat SUVs, which is very unfortunate given that the previous administration had fairly progressive policies.
Sounds alot like a guy who has lived off government grants to make his films...

Its really pathetic such mindless drivel gets any such attention. Since nearly 80 percent of citizens are feeling positive about the city and its direction .. it is obvious that this unknowlegable government dependant is in the tiny minority... with the city's rapidly declining union loving anti-business community... Murray, Gerbasi and Vandal was your champions I'm sure.

Please follow the other uninspired losers out of town... there is no place for you in today's modern Winnipeg. The economy is picking up... and he hates seeing the masses pass him by like the dirt on the sidelines of life.
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