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Will cities with high immigrant/foreign-born numbers to change any time soon?

Many cities in the US with high foreign-born populations like New York city, LA, the Bay Area, Miami have over a third to one half their population foreign born.

Outside the US, the same can be said of cities such as Toronto, Sydney, London etc. They all have numbers where one in two or one in three are immigrants.

Do you anticipate these numbers to drop any time soon, or for these gateways to shift to other locales?

On the one hand, some of these places have been immigrant gateways for a long time coming (eg. New York city), but on the other hand, there were once immigrant gateways that are now low in foreign born population. The Rust Belt cities were once great immigration hubs a hundred years or more ago and now first-generation immigrants are rare and often feel out of place in them.
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