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Originally Posted by LosAngelesSportsFan View Post
Honestly, i dont think any time soon. Now that so many families and ethnicities are entrenched in these cities, it will only draw more from the same. For example, theres no way Armenians or Persians as a whole will decide to migrate to Kansas instead of Los Angeles. Just too many cultural, religious and family ties. Perhaps new cultures that are moving to the US might take root in other locales, but even then, i still think LA, SF and NY are going to be the main draws for all. We still have the best schools, the jobs, immigration infrastructure and the cache
Interestingly enough, the Armenians were primarily located in the Northeast 100 years ago. They slowly moved west across the country, which is why there are still plenty of active Armenian churches and communities in Midwestern cities that a lot of people wouldn't expect to find. The difference is that many Armenian communities out east (well, Midwest and Northeast) have quite a lot more second, third, fourth, etc, generation Armenians at this point with newcomers mixed in.
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