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Originally Posted by Komeht View Post
Guys - the Chrysler Building is just over 1000. I really don't expect to see this in my lifetime in Austin. Even big cities like San Francisco (yet - I think they might be building one) and Dallas don't have a 1000' building. Heck, we don't even have a 700' building (yet) - maybe we'll get one or 2 in 2010-20. Perhaps I'm wrong (hey, I'd love to be wrong) but I also thing someone even proposing a 1000' building would rally the CAVE people like nothing else.

In any case - hey, if it happens, great, but I'm not holding my breath for it.
Why the cynicism where its really not warranted? At least we should keep our options open, meaning leaving those empty lots where its not protected by the CVC so that if by any chance, even if its not in your lifetime we could get one. Where's the wrong in saying that? Anybody here holding their breath? I thought we were just commenting on some little forum.

And San Francisco also has restrictions like this, that is why we don't have 1000' buildings. The one approved is the Transbay Tower, which was originally intended to be 1200' but got shortened a little over 1,000 because people complained that it would block the sunlight from the local parks. I think its still under some scrutiny, because people here don't want tall buildings, or something like that, not sure.
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