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Originally Posted by Texcitement View Post
Real! Yes!
This proposed design gives me a south Florida vibe....

"The complex topography, neighboring buildings and adjacent infrastructure all influenced the master planning and architecture of the project, along with Nashville's form-based code."

I wonder if the statement regarding Nashville's form-based code references height restrictions? If so, why not seek a variance? A 45 story building with some open space around the base would be far more appealing than clustering three buildings into the footprint of that block.

I also wonder if this plan will push others who have proposals on the table to move faster in getting their projects approved. Specifically the Buckingham Group which if I recall has a proposal for a 38 story multi-family tower with retail at the base level. The market is getting to be somewhat over saturated and some developers have stated they are in a wait and see mode before moving forward with their plans because the market has gotten a bit soft. While others are moving forward with their proposals I assume to stay ahead.
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