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I just saw the FB group and the last post said this and i quote


First, the preliminary study estimated the cost at $68.9 million - which is just $18.9 million (approx) more than the cost to replace the current fleet of buses that service the campus. With operating costs of $3.14 million per year ($6 million for the current fleet of buses), that would net a break even of just seven years. Makes financial sense to me.

Capacity is about the same. With the current setup, the capacity of articulated buses to SFU is about 4,800 people per hour (120 people per bus - one bus max every 90 seconds). A gondola could carry 20+ people per car every 15 seconds - 4,800 people per hour.
where is this prelim study? i havnt seen it on ssp?

and a bus arriving every 90 seconds? ha...MAX frequency is at 2-4 mins according to translink.
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