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Originally Posted by Atlanta3000 View Post
If we use $250/SF that would only be $62,500,000. Still less than half the projected cost. Even considering the interior build out and parking garage cost this number seem very inflated.

I hope the State of GA is not giving them tax breaks based on the estimated cost of the investment, but real cost.
The article never said it was the cost of construction. It said it was NCR's "investment" in the second tower. I'd assume that number includes projected number of employees (stated in the article) and their salaries over a period of 5 years. All of that would be part of the investment for which NCR will seek tax credits.

Correction - I clearly did not do any calculations before I sent that last message. It would not encompass the salary for 1,800 employees over 5 years. The point remains that what NCR counts as its investment is not limited to the cost of construction. Would the completed second tower be valued at or above $140 million? Perhaps that is the better way to determine whether their statement of a $140 million investment seems accurate.

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