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Originally Posted by Atlanta3000 View Post
Interesting perspective, but the math is still way off. 1,800 (New Employees) X $200K (Salary + Benefits) = $270,000,000 Annual Payroll. That is for 1 year not 5.

NCR is leasing the building from Cousins Properties (Owner/Contractor). So you can't factor the cost of the building into NCR's investment.
This isn't the proper forum to question numbers and request back-up accounting number cited by an article in the ABC. The numbers may or may not be construction-specific because "investments" into a HQ facility are more complex than pure construction costs and pure employee labor costs. These numbers are projections that probably include future growth for bond issuance(s), tenant build-out and leasing costs, etc. They've already been through this for the first phase with Invest Atlanta approving a bond package worth $314 million in order to get NCR to relocate to Midtown (not sure if NCR was already anticipating the 2nd phase quite yet here).

Per another press release source
NCR, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, and Invest Atlanta have agreed on additional incentives that will see NCR bring over 1,800 skilled professionals to Georgia over the next five years and invest $145 million in the second tower.
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