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Unfortunately, I do not have any renderings, but a main development for the new Busch Stadium area is the Ballpark Village. There is vague information available at the Cardinals website under the 'New Ballpark" section (, but does anyone know if anything significant has happened since the developer was named? The rumors/plans that I have heard/read include a 3 phase program that will begin with office space and residential units (apts and condos) with first floor retail/restaurant. Subsequent phases have not been described, but a main feature that is continually thrown around is the idea of an aquarium. Too bad they couldn't utilize the old Arena for that end, as was proposed, and keep those hideous Highland condos from being built.

Also, the remaining three Cupples Station warehouses were recently purchased and should be set for renovation within 6-12 months from now. Not to mention the "under construction" Cupples Station (#6?) at 11th and Clark.

And in my opinion, one of the best things the city has invested their money in is a repainting of all of the elevated sections of I-64/Hwy 40. While I would not have picked the brown color they are now, it is a hell of a lot better than the rusted '60s green that it has been for so long.

In response to many, I feel that the new Busch stadium is very dramatic now that the first phase is nearing exterior completion and certainly does not look cheap. Maybe contrived, but not cheap. Even though it attempts to be retro (quite the rage in new stadium design), it fits in very well with the urban fabric, espcially the aforementioned Cupples Station warehouses. With that said, I do agree that it is time for some transitional architecture to emerge. There are many opportunities for that to happen, especially with Libeskind designing the new Bottleworks condos. New, crisp somewhat modern designs might help accentuate and also set apart the derth of soon to be developed historic buildings in the cities downtown and now midtown areas. Of course, too modern and the suburbanites will avoid the city even more and have something new to bitch about with regards to downtown STL.

Oh, and I love the Park East Tower...wish I could afford to live in that one...although it is nearing 80% sold. You should check out the views that they give for some of the higher floors...they are quite impressive. (in case it hasn't been listed before)
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