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see along the ceiling line? Carved wooden lion heads holding orange light bulbs in their teeth. Definitely tacky, but definitely interesting. I'm generally very big on anything that's old, because things develop character as they get old, even if they're not the best, most refined examples of design. I would never remove something like that if I bought this building, even if I hated it. I hate how people "automatically" rennovate things like kitchen and bathroom fixtures that are fine, in the interest of an "update" that's just going to look "dated" in the very near future anyway. If something's going to look dated, it might as well be dated to the period it was built. "Dated" only lasts 20 years or so before it's "vintage" and before you know it it's "antique". The problem with relying on novelty is that it wears off very quickly, and then you're forced to just rennovate again.
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