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Great Canadian Suburban Skyline Thread!

At the suggestion of Beedok, I decided to make a suburban skyline thread, since Canada has a LOT of skylines, not just in our urban cores.

I'll start out with some of my shots of Calgary's urban/suburban clusters.

Beltline - 90%(?) of buildings not in frame

Beltline by Chadillaccc, on Flickr

Westbrook - Several buildings not in frame

Brentwood - University - Complete skyline in photo

Brentwood by Chadillaccc, on Flickr

Anderson - Heritage - Eight highrises over a kilometer of road with at least 2 more in the near future, likely more.

Heritage - Anderson by Chadillaccc, on Flickr

another photo of Anderson - Heritage, but only the areas office towers/buildings are photographed

Anderson - Heritage by Chadillaccc, on Flickr
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