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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
What are you talking about. I compared France to Cali, not Europe to USA. It's perfectly reasonable comparison when we are talking about building a high speed railway line. I throw out all the HSR-poor trash areas in the country -- i.e, most of it (flyover country, and all that), and focus on the crème de la crème where Rail works --> the dense coasts. Very comparable to European countries in major qualities. Oh, and US states are compared with European countries all the time in many areas if you weren't aware...."not a valid comparison" smh, eh, no.

You can compare Cali with France or Spain, no problem. Both are political entities, massive economic powers, of similar size and density, population and both have HSR potential. Nothing wrong with the comparison. Trying to compare France to the USA, now that's ridiculous when you are trying to assess the potential for HSR. Obviously in that case the US looks terrible and only suitable for aircraft. Thats what the oil industry pandering right wing though would like to promote, the idea that the US is too low-density for HSR to be profitable by always making these ridiculous country-country comparisons. It's all very convenient when the average joe schmoe reads that USA is basically too big and spread out to have HSR. It fits their narrative and has the required effect. Of course they are clueless and have no real understanding that there are specific regions that could do HSR very well.

Again, why hasn't California or the NEC built even one line yet, when places that have similar characteristics in economy or density like Spain, Netherlands, Korea and, etc are light years ahead of the only Superpower in the world, building HSR by the bucket loads and embracing the mode (since it's so much more comfortable than driving or flying)? It's just because the oil addicted suburban right wing have hoodwinked the country into thinking European trains are boondoggles, or even, socialist and only cars and planes (oil modes) are the American way. Viva the Highway, isn't driving for hours behind some truck fun, woo! They have accomplished their mission in making sure Americans didn't know what they were missing.

Density tells nothing? Ok, show me where on earth a HSR has been built in a low density political entity? If density tells nothing like you say... Density is very important. Take a transportation geography class.
Perhaps I should have worded my post better. People per square mile doesn't tell the whole story, but you are correct about density being meaningful. You are still being quite disingenuous about conveniently brushing off France being a country and not a state part of a country(two different political types) and having nearly twice as many people as the most populated state in an area much smaller than the U.S.

You compare countries to countries, not states. And quite with the hyperbole. I've said many times I support HSR in the USA. Many users on this forum seem to read only what they want to see and don't thoroughly read the entire post.
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