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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Also, a non zero chance of something happening is a terrible business case for spending tens or hundreds of millions to future proof for a plan that we have no proof ever existed, especially when the negative effects of not future proofing are completely benign.
AB Trans has been conservative in their estimates on the ring roads thus far. They underestimated volume on SW Henday by about half. NW Stoney estimates were off, resulting in the widening to the current six lanes a few years sooner than they anticipated. NE Stoney estimates were off, and will need widening sooner than they had hoped. The eastbound to northbound movement at Glenmore Trail was significantly underestimated. The Campbell Road situation on Henday. The Crowchild situation in the NW. There's so many tangible instances of them using conservative estimates on the ring roads... it is laughable to even consider the possibility that a plan might not have existed and they intended to throw away those hundreds of millions for literally no reason.

This is the Calgary thread so I don't expect you to know the intricacies of what has gone on with Henday since 2000, but it's clearly had a big impact on what has gone on here. To develop this system on what I erroneously called a "non-zero chance" would be such an outlier based on the decisions made thus far... I honestly don't understand how you could even take that position even knowing nothing about Henday.

Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Apologies, I exagerated a little bit. If the ROW is anything like the similar section of Highway 2 leading into Edmonton
For what it's worth, the plans for that ROW that you unsurprisingly call a waste are neatly detailed on the AB Trans website, as is pretty much everything else.
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