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Sunday, January 13th 2008, 4:00 AM

A city's shame

Bayside: Where's the pride in New York City regarding the Empire State Building, that great symbol of our city?

How can W&H Properties be allowed to hire a nonunion company, MDB Development, to do masonry restoration work on the Empire State Building, which was built with the sweat and blood of union workers?

I could cry when I walk by on my way to work and see workers on shaky scaffolding high up on the building, knowing they are not receiving union wages or working under union protections.

It's disgusting to see a big, ugly management rat - set up by unions that support decent wages, safe working conditions and benefits for workers - hovering over a replica of the Empire State Building. Visitors on the tour buses gape at the sight.

It's time Mayor Bloomberg stepped in and ended this disgrace.

Mary Jamison

I ❤️ NY
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