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Originally Posted by Okayyou View Post
I don't know about that first point. Yes, some unknown locales might generate interest but of the many places I've made threads of, the familiar are more popular than the unknown.

Second point is dead on. Want replies, make a thread showing decay in Detroit.

Yes, traffic is down across the boards, but we are at a chicken and egg argument. Do people post less because traffic is down or is traffic down because people are posting less. I would argue, and have in this thread, a lot of people have left the site because the photo forums are overrun with noise. Lots of ways to increase the signal strength but I'm getting the message that there is no intention to make changes by those that are able to do so.
What message is that, exactly? I wish I were able to program in vBulletin, alas I'm not. I am still working on getting some of the proposed changes implemented, but it's not just an easy fix and a few code changes, unfortunately.

Give me some time, hopefully I can get one of our Admins that DOES know how to do some programming to see what they can do to try and get some of the changes accomplished.

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