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The track at Molson Stadium is not regulation width, it's extremely narrow and is probably not suited for much more than low-level track meets. I doubt any serious competition takes place there. Because of its narrow width, I doubt it has much impact on the sightlines... the sideline areas there don't seem much wider than what you'd see elsewhere in the league. I admit it's been a few years since I was last at a game there myself, but I certainly don't remember the sightlines being an issue at Molson.

I think the issue with tracks is when you have a soccer/football team playing in a stadium designed primarily for track and field... that's when you end up with the situation of fans being a huge distance away from the field. This type of scenario simply doesn't exist in Canada... even stadiums that are capable of handling high-level competitive track events (essentially only the Big O and Commonwealth) have much narrower sidelines than this:

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