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Originally Posted by VANRIDERFAN View Post
We got screwed in every boundary agreements. The Alaska panhandle, Main, NW Arm, the old NW of Michigan and the UP. (okay that one is a bit of a stretch but didn't the British have control of Detroit at the end of the War of 1812?)
If it makes you feel better, we shamelessly fucked over France on offshore territory. It's embarrassing to look at.

Canada's archival documents show that Atlantic access was one of the three primary reasons they wanted us (making sure the Americans didn't get us, and hydroelectricity in Labrador for Central Canada being the other two. Same documents BTW literally state this would all be so much easier if no one lived on Newfoundland; kind of makes Ottawa's policies make sense lol). If we were still independent, this map would be inverse. Canada would have most of the gulf, the length of Nova Scotia, and that's about it.
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